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Yi Zheng
Yi Zheng  
Flag US
February 20, 2022

"Very nice place like home”

Everything are nice from decor to the service even the breakfast, very careful about their customers.

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Flag LB
January 07, 2022

" Beautiful place has history ....”

You feel at home The place has history embedded in its colors, doors, windows and its decoration Its team Owner Laurie Laurie personally oversees your happiness and comfort during your stay Maintenance Officer Michelangelo The charm of the place and its caretaker John and Christina Chefs Menu creators and crafters Apple Bed and Breakfast Cinderella's house Big Bear's bounty Highly recommend I like it so much

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Anna V
Anna V  
Flag US
March 08, 2020

"Amazing Staff and Fantastic Service”

We chose the Inn as the venue to renew our vows. Their planners made everything easy. It was stress-free, and I got to focus on our special day while they took care of all the details. The staff is amazing, the rooms are clean and very comfortable, and the level of service is fantastic. It was really nice to have the ceremony, celebration, and accommodations all at the same venue.

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