The Innkeepers Of Apples Bed & Breakfast

Laurie & Spencer Kagan are the owners-innkeepers of Apples Bed & Breakfast Inn. They purchased the property in the spring of 2016 and have totally remodeled the inside and out to make it a charming Inn.

Before purchasing Apples, Laurie was Executive Director of Kagan Professional Development, the largest teacher training company in the US. She traveled the world training teachers and trainers in the latest of brain friendly teaching methods. Formally a kindergarten teacher to university teacher and past Director of Elementary Education for the state of Nevada. She is now building an expansive barn to hold weddings and community events in Big Bear.

Dr. Spencer Kagan is a former clinical psychologist, professor and researcher. He founded Kagan Publishing and Professional Development, the world’s largest teacher training and resource company. When he is not presenting worldwide or authoring another book, he is out taking beautiful pictures.

While Spencer loves to take pictures and Laurie loves to ski, both love traveling the world whether it is

  • Hiking the jungle to find gorillas in Rwanda
  • Sailing with National Geography to Antarctica to photograph king penguins or
  • Visiting remote ancient tribes in Ethiopia.